The next UCF Programming Team contest with a live stream is
ICPC World Finals in Luxor, Egypt, April 18, 2024 from 6-11am 5:48-10:48am Eastern.

The live stream is at or YouTube. The stream can also be replayed later.

The scoreboard for UCF Cactus is at

The scoreboard for UCF Beehive is at

About the Event

This one is twice the fun! This event is a 2-in-1 "catch up" from the two previous years' World Finals competitions* that were delayed.

Two Teams and Two Contests

  • World Championship trophy

    Team UCF Cactus is (left to right) Daniel West, Jacob Magnuson, and Seba Villalobos.

    They will compete in the 46th ICPC World Finals, for the 2021-2022 academic year.

    UCF Cactus earned their slot as World Finalists by placing 7th at the North America Championship in May of 2022. (Yes, that’s nearly 2 full years ago!)

  • World Championship trophy

    Team UCF Beehive is (left to right) Natalie Longtin, Jacob Steinebronn, and Andy Phan.

    They will compete in the 47th ICPC World Finals, for the 2022-2023 academic year.

    UCF Beehive earned their spot as World Finalists by placing 17th at the North America Championship in May of 2023. (Nearly a full year ago!)

These two ICPC World Finals competitions will be conducted simultaneously at the same convention facility in Luxor. Each competition will separately award a championship trophy, as well as conferring medals on the top teams.

World Championship trophy

Will this be the event where UCF takes home a World Championship trophy?

Or will it be two trophies?

In case of schedule changes, check the schedule here: (all times are local to Egypt)


Tune in any time during the contest, and/or a little before or after, to see the contest activities. Join in the live stream chats, post updates on your social accounts, and root for UCF Cactus and UCF Beehive!   #UCF  #GOKNIGHTS  #CHARGEON

Until then, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, using the links on the right, to get updates about UCF Programming Team activities. Feel free to contact us via @ucfprogteam, Messenger, or the contact form here, if you have questions.

* The contest series for the 2023-2024 academic year is still in progress. The North America Championship will be hosted by UCF in late May, and the 48th ICPC World Finals is scheduled to occur in Fall 2024. Both are expected to have live streams.