Team Record

North American Invitational Programming Contest

Teams in the North America super-region who qualify for the ACM-ICPC World Finals have been invited each year by the University of Chicago to compete in the North American Invitational Programming Contest (which originally started as the University of Chicago Invitational Programming Contest). This contest follows the same format as ACM's International Collegiate Programming Contest: It focuses on writing the largest number of algorithmic solutions to stated problems, with programs judged on accuracy and time. One of the stated goals of this contest is to improve the results of North American teams at the ACM-ICPC World Finals; therefore, the level of difficulty for these problems is intended to be similar to that of World Finals.

Place: 3rd (Gold Medal)
Place: 5th (Silver Medal)
Place: 4th (Gold Medal)
Place: 10th (Bronze Medal)
Place: 2nd (Gold Medal)
Place: 5th (Bronze Medal)
Place: 5th (Bronze Medal)