UCF Team Members

Here are all the current and past team members that have ever been a member of the UCF Programming Team (some early team members may be missing — please contact us!).

  • Mark Schnitzius

    Mark Schnitzius

    1990-1991: UCF Team A (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 5th)
    1989-1990: UCF Team A (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 16th)

  • Steven Schilke

    Steven Schilke

    2017-2018: UCF Gojirasaurus (Regionals: 8th)
    2016-2017: UCF Pinnacle (Regionals: 3rd)

  • James Sexton

    James Sexton

    2010-2011: UCF Leonidas (Regionals: 4th)
    2009-2010: UCF Megapixel (Regionals: 6th)

  • Jason Shay

    Jason Shay

    2000-2001: UCF Mercury (Regionals: 11th)

  • Kamran Siddiqui

    Kamran Siddiqui

    2007-2008: UCF Vega (Regionals: 7th)
    2006-2007: UCF reserve

  • Peter Singhofen

    Peter Singhofen

    1996-1997: UCF Blue (Regionals: 3rd)
    1995-1996: UCF Blue (Regionals: 2nd; World Finals: 30th out of 43)

  • Suraj Singireddy

    Suraj Singireddy

    2019-2020: UCF Mustafar (Regionals: 7th)
    2018-2019: UCF Nutmeg (Regionals: 9th)

  • Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    2006-2007: UCF Segmentation Fault (Regionals: 12th)

  • Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    1994-1995: UCF Blue (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 25th out of 38)
    1993-1994: UCF Team A (Regionals: 2nd; World Finals: 7th out of 35)
    1991-1992: UCF Team C (Regionals: 8th)

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith

    2001-2002: UCF Stargazer (Regionals: 15th)

  • Charles Snyder

    Charles Snyder

    2012-2013: UCF Unity (Regionals: 3rd);
    2011-2012: UCF Contradiction (Regionals: 5th)
    2010-2011: UCF Gilgamesh (Regionals: 3rd)

  • Antony Stabile

    Antony Stabile

    2013-2014: UCF Olympus (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 19th out of 122)
    2012-2013: UCF Source (Regionals: 2nd)
    2011-2012: UCF Implication (Regionals: 2nd; World Finals: 36th out of 112)
    2010-2011: UCF MacArthur (Regionals: 5th)

  • Brook Stacy

    Brook Stacy

    2015-2016: UCF Bearcat (Regionals: 10th)
    2014-2015: UCF Tesla (Regionals: 13th)

  • Chris Stadler

    Chris Stadler

    1996-1997: UCF Red (Regionals: 9th)
    1995-1996: UCF Red (Regionals: 8th)

  • Gary Stein

    Gary Stein

    2003-2004: UCF Tornado (Regionals: 34th)
    2002-2003: UCF reserve

  • Jacob Steinebronn

    2021-2022: UCF Sunflower (Regionals: 5th)
    2020-2021: UCF Freezer (Regionals: 6th)