UCF Team Members

Here are all the current and past team members that have ever been a member of the UCF Programming Team (some early team members may be missing — please contact us!).

  • Nhan Tran

    Nhan Tran

    1986-1987: UCF Team A (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 2nd)
    1985-1986: UCF Team A (Regionals: 2nd; World Finals: 4th)

  • Richard Urich

    Richard Urich

    2001-2002: UCF Constitution (Regionals: 7th)
    2000-2001: UCF Orion (Regionals: 2nd)
    1999-2000: UCF Griffon (Regionals: 3rd)

  • David Van Brackle

    David Van Brackle

    1986-1987: UCF Team A (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 2nd)
    1984-1985: UCF Ackers (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 17th)
    1983-1984: UCF Team A (Regionals: 3rd)

  • Tyler VanHaren

    Tyler VanHaren

    2018-2019: UCF Cinnamon (Regionals: 3rd)
    2017-2018: UCF Quetzalcoatlus (Regionals: 7th)
    2016-2017: UCF Pinnacle (Regionals: 3rd)

  • Marco van Hilst

    Marco van Hilst

    2017-2018: UCF T-Rex (Regionals: 9th)
    2015-2016: UCF Falcon (Regionals: 8th)

  • Paul Vitale

    Paul Vitale

    2011-2012: UCF QED (Regionals: 8th) 2010-2011: UCF SunTzu (Regionals: 14th)

  • Scott Vogelpohl

    Scott Vogelpohl

    2003-2004: UCF Cyclone (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 44th out of 75)
    2002-2003: UCF Galahad (Regionals: 10th)
    2001-2002: UCF Stargazer (Regionals: 15th)

  • Daniel Wasserman

    Daniel Wasserman

    2013-2014: UCF Olympus (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 19th out of 122)
    2012-2013: UCF Phyre (Regionals: 1st; World Finals: 48th out of 120)
    2011-2012: UCF Induction (Regionals: 4th)
    2010-2011: UCF SunTzu (Regionals: 14th)

  • Michael Whiteley

    Michael Whiteley

    2004-2005: UCF Quark (Regionals: 4th)
    2002-2003: UCF Lancelot (Regionals: 19th)

  • Steven Zielinski

    Steven Zielinski

    2010-2011: UCF MacArthur (Regionals: 5th)
    2008-2009: UCF Reduction (Regionals: 8th)
    2007-2008: UCF Rigel (Regionals: 6th)

  • Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson

    2002-2003: UCF Bedivere (Regionals: 3rd)
    2001-2002: UCF Excelsior (Regionals: 4th)

  • Tyler Woodhull

    Tyler Woodhull

    2016-2017: UCF Acadia (Regionals: 4th)
    2015-2016: UCF Thunderbird (Regionals: 3rd)
    2014-2015: UCF Yottawatt (Regionals: 10th)

  • Josh Wozniak

    Josh Wozniak

    2018-2019: UCF Mint (Regionals: 5th)
    2017-2018: UCF Quetzalcoatlus (Regionals: 7th)
    2016-2017: UCF Acadia (Regionals: 4th)

  • Mark Zieg

    Mark Zieg

    1989-1990: UCF Team B (Regionals: ?)

  • Chris Zonca

    Chris Zonca

    2009-2010: UCF Golden Ratio (Regionals: 2nd)
    2008-2009: UCF Cation (Regionals: 10th)
    2007-2008: UCF Sol (Regionals: 4th)