The UCF Programming Team holds two major contests each year, one of which holds two separate competitions.

The UCF High School Programming Tournament invites teams from high schools to come to the UCF main campus and compete in a team-based contest. We give approximately ten problems of varying difficulty to be solved in four hours. Each high school team consists of up to three students.

This contest usually takes place on a weekday in early May (sometimes late April). Advisors, if you are interested in having your team(s) compete at our next tournament, please visit the tournament's web site for all the information, or contact Dr. Ali Orooji by phone at 407-823-5660 or by our contact form.

Students, if you are interested in competing, please discuss this with your high school computer programming teacher (or math teacher) and show him/her the tournament's web site!

In addition, we also host an annual web-based competition, the UCF High School Programming Tournament: Online Edition. This competition is held entirely online and is an individual-based contest for high school students. This contest usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon in early winter (early February or late January). Students register and participate on their own (usually from home although some schools do organize it as an event for their computer team/club). Advisors, you can also use it as a way to evaluate your team leading up to our on-site tournament!